20/20 Custom Molded Plastics expands in Ohio, Indiana

The specialist in structural foam molds 20/20 Custom Molded Plastics Ltd. expands its Holiday City, Ohio and Bluffton, Ind. facilities to include equipment – including a massive 8,000-ton press – and more than 100 jobs.

President Ron Ernsberger said business is doing very well and all end markets are doing well.

“We are planning double-digit sales growth this year as well. With the new machines ordered, it will be 2023 before we see a year in which we operate all machines, ”he replied to questions via email.

“It’s hard for me to understand. Material prices are high and rising, we’re not getting enough staff, raw materials are being allocated, and we’re dealing with a pandemic. I just wish I just knew what is driving demand today, but.” we are very busy. “

The company, which has a longstanding relationship with machine supplier Milacron, is building several large structural foam presses and is also moving some high pressure presses, Ernsberger said. All new devices are from Milacron.

The 225,000-square-meter facility in Holiday City will be expanded this year and through 2022 to include two 3,000-ton high-pressure machines and one 8,000-ton high-pressure machine. The 375- and 500-ton high-pressure presses in Holiday City will be relocated to the 325,000-square-foot facility in Bluffton. In addition, Bluffton will receive three new structural foam presses over the next 18 months.

“The 8,000 ton machine is the largest machine of its kind ever built,” says Ernsberger. “We currently employ around 440 people and currently have free places for a further 140 people. The new equipment will add another 35 people.”

Ernsberger said the company’s ability to grow is rooted in its goal of exceeding customer expectations.

“As Custom Moulder we have to constantly break new ground to make things better, faster and more economical. The punctual delivery of quality parts is crucial, ”said Ernsberger. “Growing our business is one thing, but expanding our capacities and capabilities is another.”

Ernsberger said 20/20 had sales of over $ 100 million in 2020.

The expansion will allow 20/20 to launch new projects, said Executive Vice President Chad Adams.

“We very much expect our teams in both locations to grow. Our people are a huge part of the 20/20 success and we are forever indebted to them,” said Adams.

The company has been in the injection molding industry for construction for more than 20 years. Ernsberger, CFO David Rupp and David Blosser founded the company in autumn 1999.

“We started the business with a new 37,000 square foot building, two new Uniloy multi-nozzle, low pressure injection molding machines on 32 acres in Holiday City, Ohio.

“Today we have over 750,000 square meters under the roof, operate seven low-pressure multi-nozzle injection molding machines and 13 high-pressure injection molding machines, including the largest high-pressure injection molding machine of its kind ever built,” he said.

The Bluffton plant opened in 2017 with seven machines.

“Today this facility has grown to over 575,000 square meters on 54 hectares of land thanks to our expansion. By June 2022, we will have 14 multi-nozzle low-pressure injection molding machines and seven high-pressure injection molding machines in this facility.”

The Inteplast Group, based in Livingston, NJ, a manufacturer of plastic films and products, became a partner in 20/20 in 2015 when one of the founders wanted to sell its stake in the company.

Today Inteplast is the majority owner of 20/20.

“They wanted to buy a company that could be the last piece of their recycling puzzle,” said Ernsberger.

He added that like most foundries, 20/20 is currently facing resin shortages after the winter storm hit Texas and temporarily closed many chemical plants.

“I’ve been in the plastics industry since 1965 and I’ve never seen anything we deal with today,” he said. “I wish I knew what the new normal would be.”

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