3D printer – the innovation that changed the fish

The revolutionary technology That revolutionized the history and science of mankind is the 3D printer. People can use this invention in areas that they could not have imagined before science fiction. A 3D printer covers every area of ​​our life today. You can use it in medicine as well as jewelry. The ability to experiment in education, printing, advertising, film, and even construction forces us to overcome a major trampoline.


In 1981, Hideo Koda of the Nagoya City Industrial Research Institute published information on his rapid prototyping system using photopolymers. They printed the printed model in layers. Charles Hull invented stereolithography three years later. In 1992, Charles Hull’s company started the world’s first stereolithography apparatus.

First steps

There were problems with the material. Technologies weren’t optimal. In addition, these machines were expensive and could not be used in the home or office. In 1999, a patient received the first 3D-printed organ, transplanted by scientists at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, to print a synthetic bladder and then implant it into the patient’s cells.

3D printers today

Today, the quality of 3D printing has improved significantly, the price of printers has also been significantly reduced and has already become affordable.

Where can we use it?


Printing 3D objects in the Film industry make it much easier to believe in their realism. It surpassed the computer graphics.


Fur coats, shirts Precious clothes are now sewn on a 3D printer. With it, you can create unusual models of shoes made of plastic, rubber or polyethylene.


Strange but true. You can 3D print candy of any flavor and color.

SLR camera

Leo Marius developed the technology to manufacture a single lens reflex camera. Now you can upload files and even print them to your camera.


As surprising as it may be, Urbee 2 is made up of 50 3D printed parts.

What else does a 3D printer have to offer?

Do you dream of your own home Imagine how pleasant it is to have a cup of coffee every morning on your sunny balcony? It’s not difficult to understand how important it is for any homeless person to spend the night under one roof. Right under the roof. One such bum made his dream of a 3D printer come true.

Extraordinary story

For the first time in history, a homeless man settled in a print shop. Tim Shea, 70, lived on the streets for many years and moved into Icon’s 3D printing house a few months ago. It’s a buzz word in technology, and it may even be the best way to tackle homelessness. Tim, 70, is enthusiastic and feels at home in his new home. The 3D printer managed to change its life in just 48 hours. The printer usually uses 20-30% of the first building material as opposed to the house. People share incredible videos through social media, and it is possible Grow your site organically by helping such content and advancing into the future.

However, technological advancement warns us that he has become the goldfish of the 21st century, that he has not been able to support his dreamers all his life, and that he will flee there in anticipation of three wishes for the rest of his life. What else surprises the world?

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