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With stories ranging from financing 3D printed meat products to on-demand print finishing services to a new entry-level ceramic 3D printer, we have a lot of news to share in today’s 3D Printing News Briefs. So let’s dive right in!

Mirai Foods raises $ 4.5 million seed funding rounds

One of the GMO-free Wagyu patties from Mirai Foods in the pan. Image courtesy Mirai Foods

The Swiss cell pulp startup Mirai Foods raised a total of 4.5 million US dollars in seeds this year. The first round completed in January and the second tranche recently ended. Several new and existing investors such as the Swiss VC company Skyviews Life Science, the German Venture Builder Team Europe and the Swiss serial entrepreneur and technology investor Ulf Claesson participated in the financing. To produce a healthy product and take into account the ethical implications of animal husbandry, the startup uses animal stem cells to cultivate meat products, starting with cells from high quality Wagyu cattle from Japan. The Zurich-based company Mirai Foods calls itself the first and currently “only startup for cultured meat” in Switzerland, although it is certainly not the only one in the world. In fact, not long ago Aleph Farms and Mitsubishi signed an agreement to supply 3D printed cultured meat to Japan. However, co-founder and CEO Cristoph Mayr says the company sets itself apart from the competition by “strictly adhering to its first principles regarding health and the environment”.

“We are not genetically modified, we are strong in operational execution and we are laser focused [developing] a healthy nutritional profile for our meat, ”said Mayr. “We also have proprietary technology around our production process.”

The seeding funds will be used to improve internal laboratory capacities, set up a pilot production facility and increase the start-up’s workforce. A test launch of its cultured beef product is planned for the end of 2022.

Markforged Announces New Chief Financial Officer

Mark Schwartz (Photo: Business Wire)

Markforged, a leader in industrial 3D printing preparing to go public following a merger agreement with SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company), announced that Mark Schwartz, a seasoned finance manager with more than two decades of experience, has been named chief of the company Finance officer with effect from April 1, 2021. He will replace the interim CFO Assaf Zipori, who will now be responsible for the company’s corporate development and strategy. Schwartz was once a lawyer specializing in M&A transactions, private placements, and technology licensing. Most recently, he was CFO of the computer vision and artificial intelligence provider Trax. Prior to this position, he was CFO & EVP Strategy & Corporate Development at Fabrinet, which provides precision optical and electromechanical engineering and manufacturing services.

“By combining software, hardware and materials, Markforged is uniquely positioned to capitalize on growing market opportunities and enable manufacturers to create more resilient and agile supply chains. This is a crucial time in the Markforged journey and I look forward to working with the team to accelerate growth and execute the company’s strategic plan so customers can build anything they can imagine, ”said Black.

DyeMansion offers on-demand finishing in the United States

DyeMansion, headquartered in Munich with North American headquarters in Austin, Texas, is pleased to announce that the company is now offering on-demand finishing services from its new benchmark location in Austin. For single items and smaller orders, DyeMansion offers its on-demand finishing solution as a service and allows you to choose from the various surface options. If you’re unfamiliar with the company’s technology, new customers can learn all about the entire print-to-product workflow for free with this new benchmark experience, cleverly known as TryMansion. You can choose between PolyShot and VaporFuse finishes, pick a color to dye your parts, and then go through the workflow. After processing, your parts will be returned to you by DyeMansion along with a customized report.

Request for quotation

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Driven by Aniwaa

“We are already well established in Europe and would now like to give you easy access to our technology in your region. For this purpose, we have developed a special benchmark program called TryMansion for you, as the company announced in an email. “You can test our surface options and color solutions with your own parts and find the right finish for your application or for your customers’ applications.”

Fictiv integrates new quality services into the platform

San Francisco-based startup Fictiv provides on-demand custom mechanical parts through its digital manufacturing ecosystem and has just announced that it has added several new quality inspection and certification services to its self-service digital manufacturing platform. These new additions, available as add-ons, allow Fictiv to provide even greater speed and visibility to its customers, so engineers and buyers can more easily include outsourced mechanical parts as part of a digital offering of consistently high quality. Fictiv’s new quality attributes include Quality Certificates (CoCs) and Material Certifications that customers can add instantly to meet the company’s purchasing needs, as well as advanced inspection reports for an unlimited number of critical attributes that customers can obtain via the digital-order the Platform.

“For many companies, production standards are often a choice between speed and quality. The tradeoff between faster lead times is the risk of faulty parts that can sabotage profits and set engineering teams back weeks in development, affect delivery schedules, or endanger the hazard. Time to market. By integrating our new quality attributes directly into our digital platform, hardware product teams no longer have to choose between speed and quality, ”said Dave Evans, CEO and co-founder of Fictiv. “Fictiv provides complete control, removes the guesswork, and enables consistent manufacturing results at an already unprecedented pace.”

New Lithoz entry-level ceramic 3D printer

Lithoz GmbH, a spin-off from TU Wien, specializes in materials and 3D printers for the production of bone substitute material and high-performance ceramics. The company recently announced its new entry-level ceramic 3D printer, the CeraFab Lab. It’s not available yet so we don’t have a lot of information, but Objective3D describes it as a reliable, compact, and easy-to-use system that is a great choice for someone who is just starting out with 3D printing ceramics but still wants to Receive high quality prototypes and components in small series at a so-called low cost price.

“As a further development of our first CeraFab 7500 machine, this enables the production of high-performance ceramics with a quality that corresponds to or exceeds that of conventionally manufactured components,” says the Lithoz website. “It is the most compact and user-friendly Lithoz 3D printer to date, helping to remove barriers to entry for new users of 3D ceramic printing, and is particularly suitable for use in laboratories for both the production of prototypes and for series production in the small scale. “

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