3D printing + precision medicine = big profits for you!

Big news this week at the front of 3D printing: For the first time, cancer researchers were able to use the technology to create a brain tumor in the laboratory.

I know what you’re thinking. Why do we want to create a brain tumor ?!

Because it allows us to explore it safely.

And that research can lead to new drugs, treatments, and possibly ways to eradicate the tumors.

That’s not even all!

This is a big step forward for precision medicine.

This is a two-on-one mega trending game and the kind of stacking technology that is at the heart of America 2.0.

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3D printing the new world of medicine: your way into

3D printing is already changing our healthcare system.

The technology makes everything from drugs to bones to organs, and uses “bioink” for custom body parts.

Almost like manufacturers who make 3D printed parts for cars, trucks, missiles, sneakers, and thousands of other products!

But this latest advancement from Tel Aviv University scientists is the most notable advancement in medical 3D printing yet – it gives researchers the opportunity to test new drugs for a deadly form of brain tumor (glioblastoma) in ways unimaginable for even a year was before.

So far, researchers have only been able to test new therapies by experimenting on tumor cells from cancer patients in Petri dishes.

But cancer behaves differently on a plastic surface than it does in the human body.

Because of this, the scientists in this study say that 90% of the most promising drugs for brain cancer in the laboratory fail in follow-up clinical trials with real patients.

But with 3D-printed tumors using “bioink” made from human tumor cell tissue, researchers can better determine how new cancer drugs work in real patients. Researchers say:

When we take a sample from a patient’s tissue … we can 3D bioprint 100 tiny tumors from that sample and test many different drugs in various combinations to find the optimal treatment for that specific tumor.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect, however, is finding new drug target proteins and genes in cancer cells – a very difficult task when the tumor is in the brain of a human patient or model animal. Our innovation gives us unprecedented access to unlimited 3D tumors that better mimic the clinical scenario and enable optimal examination.

3D printing is a revolution that is turning dozens of old world industries upside down.

In fact, the global 3D printing market is projected to exceed $ 21 billion by the end of this year alone – five times as much as in 2013! It is expected to exceed $ 40 billion by 2024.

But I don’t know of any sector where it will be as influential as precision medicine and healthcare.

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To your health and your wealth

Nick Tate

Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing

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