3D Systems presents the first material for long-term use

  • Industry leading production grade resin – Accura® AMX ™ Rigid Black – enables large, structural components for a variety of markets including automotive, consumer products, service bureaus
  • TOYOTA Gazoo Racing Europe uses materials for motorsport applications and enables product innovations that were previously not possible

ROCK HILL, SC, July 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – 3D Systems [NYSE:DDD] today announced the availability of a breakthrough production-grade acrylic resin – Accura® AMX ™ Rigid Black. This robust material was developed for use with the company’s stereolithography (SLA) technology and is the first to produce large-scale additively manufactured parts with exceptional resolution, accuracy and surface quality that can withstand the rigors of long-term mechanical use. As part of a complete additive manufacturing solution from 3D Systems – consisting of Accura AMX Rigid Black, the company’s SLA 3D printing technology, 3D Sprint® and application engineering services – customers in markets such as automotive and motorsport, consumer goods, service bureaus and contract manufacturers are in the Able to quickly address a wide range of production applications.

3D Systems materials scientists designed Accura AMX Rigid Black for long-lasting mechanical performance and stability in any environment. This material has been tested for up to eight years of mechanical performance indoors and one and a half years outdoors, resulting in significantly improved performance and part stability. The superior surface quality competes with that of injection molded parts and shows a similar stress / tensile strength behavior of standard thermoplastics. In addition, the high isotropic properties of Accura AMX Rigid Black allow greater repeatability and accuracy of the parts.

Accura AMX Rigid Black is the latest customer-centric innovation from 3D Systems – inspired in part by TOYOTA Gazoo Racing’s (TGR) advanced production requirements. In 2019, 3D Systems partnered with TGR to transform automotive technology. Since then, the companies have developed the first manufacturing solutions on the market to revolutionize the design and production of automobiles. TGR has extensive experience with 3D Systems’ Figure 4® materials and was particularly impressed with the mechanical properties of the company’s Figure 4 PRO-BLK 10. However, they envisioned a CNC bracket that was larger than the size of the Figure 4 printer.

“Accura AMX Rigid Black enables us to deliver larger, more complex SLA production parts, including complete production aids,” said Alexander Liebold, Group Leader Production Technology & Future Technologies at TGR. “We recently used the material to develop 3D printed fixtures to stabilize larger automotive components for CNC milling. With Accura AMX Rigid Black we have achieved 90% time savings and 60% cost savings with a batch of 40 parts compared to the previous manual work process. Unlike other additive manufacturing technologies, Accura AMX Rigid Black parts offer very smooth sidewalls and superior isotropic strength, which is critical to accurate jigs and fixtures in continuous use. Now we can flip any large format part and be sure it will work for as long as we need it. This is a real game changer for series production. “

Accura AMX Rigid Black not only offers significant advantages for automotive and motorsport applications, but was also developed for the long-term use of production parts for:

  • Consumer goods for direct digital production as a replacement for injection molding or soft tooling processes as well as production aids and devices
  • Service offices for applications such as large, structurally load-bearing functional prototypes and end-user production parts for manufacturers and tier-1 suppliers for a large number of customers in the areas of consumer goods, industrial technology, automotive and motorsport
  • Special order production for customer-specific load-bearing parts such as levers, arms, couplings, cranks, devices and devices

“We are excited to bring this breakthrough material to market,” said Dr. Edwin Hortelano, Senior Vice President, Materials Engineering & Development, 3D Systems. “As part of our strategy of investing in our SLA material portfolio and continuing to expand it with innovative products, the launch of Accura AMX Rigid Black is poised to address a variety of new production applications with additive manufacturing. For example, we see that a greater percentage of the work that service bureaus do is focused on making end-use parts. Accura AMX Rigid Black in combination with our SLA 3D printing technology will enable service bureaus to meet the needs of their customers more efficiently and cost-effectively – thus driving the growth of their business and the innovation of their customers. This is just the first of many planned breakthrough additions to 3D Systems’ portfolio of production-quality industrial SLA plastics. “

The general availability of Accura AMX Rigid Black is planned for July 20, 2021. Please visit the company’s website for more information on this material.

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About 3D systems
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