ALPLA invests in bioplastics | Plastics technology

Panara in Slovakia has been researching bioplastics since 2006 and presented its own active ingredient nonoilen in 2018.

The acceptance of bio-based materials in commercial packaging has so far been rather sluggish. However, global packaging manufacturer ALPLA has demonstrated its confidence in the potential of bioplastics by taking a significant minority stake in Panara as of Slovakia, an R&D company dedicated to developing 100% renewable bioplastic compounds with commercially useful properties. The Austria-based ALPLA Group is active in 45 countries and produces injection and blow molded bottles, jars, jugs and closures / closures ( The company, which operates its own PET and HDPE recycling facilities, says tracking bioplastics is part of a holistic approach that requires all of its product areas and future packaging solutions to be developed with a circular economy in mind.

Panara has been researching biopolymers since 2006 ( and in 2018 launched Nonoilen, a compound based on PLA and PHA (polyhydroxybutyrate) biopolymers together with thermoplastic starch (TPS). Nonoilen is said to be 100% bio-based, 100% biodegradable in the soil and 100% compostable in both domestic and industrial composting. It should have properties similar to PET, PE and PP and be processed with most common thermoplastic processes – injection and blow molding, thermoforming and extrusion of blown and cast films and profiles as well as melt spinning and 3D printing. Toothbrushes are some of the first uses.

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