Altair Inspire ™ Form Revolutionizes Injection Molding Nasdaq: ALTR

TROY, Mich., Nov. 5, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Altair (Nasdaq: ALTR), a global technology company providing data analysis, simulation, and high performance computing (HPC) solutions, today launched Altair Inspire Mold, a revolutionary end -to-end solution for simulating injection molding. For the first time, Inspire Mold brings Altair’s core philosophies of simulation-driven design and democratizing simulation to this $ 250 billion manufacturing sector. Injection molded plastic components play a critical role in a wide variety of applications from toys and consumer electronics to high performance structural components in sectors such as aerospace and automotive.

Inspire Mold provides engineers with fast, high-performance tooling with unmatched solving power and unparalleled opportunities to make better design decisions earlier, lower costs, reduce time to market, and optimize finished part quality and manufacturability.

“Inspire Mold embodies everything we think of as simulation. This puts designers and engineers in control of faster, smarter and more intuitive evaluation of injection molded plastic parts, ”said James Dagg, Altair’s technical director. “Inspire Mold reduces the costs and delays traditionally associated with slow and tedious processing of design iterations and building and revising prototype molds.”

The manufacturability of new components can now be assessed early in the development process and the risk of defects such as warps, sink marks and short shots is reduced before costly investments are made in molds. Design iterations are completed faster and fewer are required before an optimal solution is found. Scrap, tooling, and rework costs are reduced, and there are no specific GPU computer hardware requirements.

Other key features of Inspire Mold are:

  • Streamlined User Experience – Product designers and engineers can easily perform virtual testing, validation, correction, and optimization of shape designs through an intuitive five-step workflow.
  • Fast, next-generation 3D technology – no experimental approaches to conventional 2.5D solvers are required. The advanced physics support allows advanced and inexperienced users to gain deeper insight and understanding.
  • Access to material data – Data for 60 materials is embedded in Inspire Mold and the Altair Material Data Center (MDC) will be integrated soon, giving MDC licensees direct and immediate access to reliable, high quality material data.
  • Comprehensive End-to-End Solution – The technology ranges from initial design to material mapping of reinforced engineering polymers and analyzes and optimizes the structural and fatigue performance of complex parts.

Inspire Mold complements Altair’s existing Inspire manufacturing simulation offerings from Altair, including casting, molding, mold filling, extrusion and additive manufacturing.

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