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KANSAS CITY, Missouri, Sept. 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – BIOLO is proud to announce that it has partnered with The House of LR&C to remove plastic waste in LITA from Ciara, the new, deliberately designed, ready-to-wear from The House of LR&C, Eliminate Collection, inspired by the fashion icon and Grammy-winning singer Ciara. BIOLO will make sustainable packaging for all LITA by Ciara products using Nodax® PHA – a groundbreaking biopolymer.

BIOLO offers an alternative to conventional petroleum-based plastics through the use of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), a renewable plastic alternative that is certified by TÜV (formerly Vinçotte) for biodegradation in soil and marine environments as well as domestic and industrial composts. “PHA is made from plants, becomes raw materials for microorganisms and leaves nothing behind. It’s that simple, ”says Will Preston, CEO of BIOLO.

The House of LR&C (stands for Love, Respect & Care) was founded in 2020 not only to create fashion brands with sustainability in their DNA, but to redefine the way the fashion industry works, integrative, community-led and, above all, to make a big positive change. “It’s exciting to see companies come together to make a positive impact,” said Therese Hayes, Chief Sustainability Officer of The House LR&C. “This strategic partnership with BIOLO reduces plastic waste and supports our goal of taking sustainability into account throughout the entire life cycle of our products.”

To combat single-use plastic waste, many companies are turning to compostable alternatives. Polylactic acid (PLA) was one of the groundbreaking substrates and was an advanced step, but it only biodegrades in an industrial composting facility. In their search for universally biodegradable plastic, the researchers at Danimer Scientific were inspired by nature. Danimer Scientific found that bacteria store some of their energy as natural plastic known as polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), much like humans store extra calories as fat. Because PHA is a natural source of fuel for bacteria, it degrades quickly in any bioactive environment. “While PHA is a product of evolution and has existed in nature for millions of years, it was only recently that we perfected our process for making the biopolymer on a commercial scale. We call this PHA Nodax® PHA made through our proprietary process. “said Don Phillips, VP of Business Development at Danimer Scientific.

BIOLO has worked with Danimer Scientific for several years to perfect the manufacturing techniques required to bring PHA to the public in the form of flexible packaging, ocean-safe straws and more. Although PHA has been used by bacteria for millions of years, LITA’s partnership with BIOLO is the first time a North American company has used PHA packaging exclusively.

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BIOLO aims to meet environmentally conscious businesses and consumer needs with environmentally friendly flexible packaging and food service products. BIOLO uses NODAX® PHA, a biodegradable polymer, as an alternative to petroleum-based solutions for single-use plastics. BIOLO’s products behave similarly to traditional plastics, but offer a guilt-free experience that allows consumers to enjoy their shopping and not worry about creating unwanted waste. BIOLO is headquartered in Kansas City, MO and has manufacturing facilities in the United States. More information is available at

About the house of LR&C

The House of LR&C was built to democratize retail and redefine the way the fashion industry works, to make it inclusive, community-led and, most importantly, to bring about great positive change. Russell Wilson and Ciara combined their passion for design and fashion with the retail expertise of Christine Day to create The House of LR&C in 2020, creating a new path forward. Visit us at

About Danimer Scientific

Danimer is a pioneer in creating more sustainable and natural ways to make plastic products. For more than a decade, its renewable and sustainable biopolymers have helped create plastic products that are biodegradable, compostable and that return to nature instead of polluting our lands and waters. Danimer’s technology can be found in a wide variety of plastic end products that people use on a daily basis. Applications for its biopolymers include additives, aqueous coatings, fibers, filaments, foils and injection molded articles. Danimer now holds more than 390 issued patents and pending patent applications in more than 20 countries for a range of manufacturing processes and biopolymer formulations. More information is available at

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