Breakthrough In Injection Molding – How To Shape The Unformable

Injection Molding Breakthrough Webinar How to shape the unformable

07/17/2021Editor: Alexander Stark

Canada – How do you shape the unformable? This is the question asked by Sheldon Alexander, Husky’s hot runner systems expert, in a free webinar with ETMM. With numerous application examples, you will learn how you can use the groundbreaking injection molding technology to accelerate time-to-market, create better scalability of your processes and at the same time improve part design.

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The competitive pressure is increasing rapidly. The product life cycle is changing. Suppliers have to offer their products in scalable sizes faster and faster. This requires solutions that reduce time-to-market, facilitate scalability in production, and meet the needs of continually improving part design. Missed the webinar? Just register and watch the recording to learn more about a breakthrough in injection molding.

The recorded webinar “Injection Molding Breakthrough – How to Molding The Unmoldable” covers the following aspects:

  • Check out how to solve these problems and remove these barriers with new technological advances that offer manufacturers new opportunities for more effective production
  • Check out specific examples and case studies showing high L / T (length vs. thickness) applications, medical family forms, medical microforms, diagnostic testing consumables, and incontinence care supplies

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