“Britain must keep up with the rest of Europe and ban single-use plastic”

I REQUIRE an urgent ban on some of the most polluting single-use items, including cutlery, plates and styrofoam food containers – all of them

which are now banned across Europe.

From July 3rd of this year, the EU regulation bans, among other things, single-use plastic cutlery, plates and styrofoam throughout Europe

Single-use plastics directive. The ban was agreed by the UK when we were part of the EU, but now Westminster is hesitant.

If the UK is to be a global leader, it must lead on important environmental issues and not fall behind. In the course of the G7 summit and in

In the run-up to COP26, when the world’s eyes are on the UK, not only is the government failing to take the lead in the fight against plastics, it is

falling behind our European neighbors and decentralized nations within the UK.

Although Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are not part of the EU, ALL are trying to implement this ban. Northern Ireland is among the

The Northern Ireland Protocol must have implemented “certain articles” of the directive by 2022, and both Scotland and Wales have proposed bans

their own home markets.

The government has yet to open a consultation on the matter, which means a decision or ban could take months or even years to come. We are in now

There is a risk of falling behind the rest of Europe in implementing these very minimal steps.

Despite the welcome ban on straws, stir sticks and cotton swabs in October 2020, the UK has not yet enacted the ban on the remaining items

which are covered by the directive, which we know is one of the most polluting.

Take-away food and drink packaging is a major cause of plastic pollution, and items such as plastic cutlery and take-away containers have consistently ranked among the top ten most polluting items found on beaches around the world.

New research has shown that food containers and food packaging are among the four most common products polluting our oceans, rivers and beaches.

Gavin Muggeridge

Address given

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