Camping with the family and measuring plastic in the water

Many of us have come together with families on work trips. It can be a great way to turn a business trip into a little adventure.

Renowned plastics pollution researcher and professor at the University of Georgia, Jenna Jambeck, took it a few steps and has probably beaten us all.

Jambeck, her husband, and two children spent three weeks in a 19-foot trailer on the Mississippi River as part of their work with the Mississippi River Plastic Pollution Initiative.

She documents this on this personal blog, which also delves into how as a child she tried to find role models for the kind of academic researcher she wanted to be and her own questions about how she matched her future career with a future one Family could reconcile.

The Mississippi River Initiative she is working on is a project by the National Geographic Society, the United Nations Environment Program, and the University of Georgia to build a citizen network that will document pollution along the river and feed that data into the Marine Debris Tracker app.

If you don’t know Jambeck, she is a National Geographic grantee and co-author of several seminal articles on plastics in the marine environment. She speaks regularly at conferences and has testified before Congress.

And like me, she turned to camping during the pandemic, though my forays into West Virginia with a tent were more modest. Sounds like she and her family are having a great time.

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