Chemical specialist Clariant joins the EU Circular Plastics Alliance

Clariant has announced that it has officially joined the EU Circular Plastics Alliance. The alliance aims to improve plastics recycling in line with the objectives of the EU circular economy action plan and the Green Deal program. Clariant’s commitment is part of the company’s active support in the transition to a more circular plastics economy.

“The transition to a global recycling economy for plastics is an immense challenge that can only be advanced through ambitious commitments, cooperation and an active stakeholder dialogue. As part of the Circular Plastics Alliance, Clariant looks forward to working closely with other key players to drive plastics circulation across Europe, ”said Bernd Hoegemann, Clariant’s Chief Transformation Officer.

Clariant is committed to the alliance’s goal of increasing the EU market for recycled plastics to 10 million tons by 2025. The company’s focus is on removing the barriers that stand in the way of the higher recyclability of products within the plastics value chain in line with waste hierarchy principles. Clariant’s strategy is based on an intelligent combination of design for reduction, recycling and reuse options as well as solutions for mechanical or chemical recycling.

“Specialty chemicals can pave the way for new solutions that improve the recyclability of plastics by preserving the value of products, materials and resources in the economy for as long as possible and by minimizing waste generation. Clariant aims to be a leading supplier of specialty chemicals, which are essential to transform a single-use plastic value chain into a circular economy, ”adds Richard Haldimann, Head of Sustainability Transformation.

In 2019, Clariant also founded EcoCircle, a company-wide initiative that goes beyond a product focus and looks at the entire value chain in order to identify the most sustainable and practical solutions for a circular economy made of plastic. “With EcoCircle, we have the right platform and skills to find solutions to close the loop and work with key stakeholders to accelerate the recyclability of plastics,” added Richard Haldimann.

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