Conway Location Lions Club contributes recycled plastic bench to Bartlett|

BARTLETT – The Conway Location Lions Club just recently contributed a recycled plastic bench to the City of Bartlett.

The Lions provided the bank to the city on Wednesday. The bench was established in Bartlett’s Veterans Park. In participation were Selectmen Gene Chandler and Vicki Garland, Josiah Bartlett Grade School Principals Joe Yahna and Lions Cheryl and Tom Merrill, Chris and Dana Russian, John Rafferty and Charlie Ramsdell.

Chandler stated, “Really type of the Lions Club to contribute the city bank, and citizens were thrilled to have it. With Veterans Day approaching, we felt it proper to position the bench in Veterans Park on Albany Opportunity, and the school concurred. “

The bank has a metal badge that checks out, “This recycled bank was contributed to the City of Bartlett by the Conway Location Lions – 2021. She has actually served our neighborhood considering that 2014. “

The bank belongs to a help job by Lions club members who have actually gathered 500 pounds of plastic from Hannaford over 4 or 5 months.

Since of this, they were granted recycled plastic benches to be positioned around the Mount Washington Valley. One was positioned in front of Conway Town hall in August.

Trex, who sponsors regional recycling programs, makes the high-performance benches. Hannaford takes contributed plastic bags, integrates them with their recycled diminish plastic and sends them to Trex.

Lions club member Linda Rafferty stated the plastic they recycled consisted of food bags, deli bags, and bubble wrap.

The Conway Location Lions Club supplies eye and listening devices and supports other regional charities in the Mount Washington Valley.

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