Desktop Metal takes over industrial 3D printing company ExOne – TechCrunch

During this week’s conference call, Desktop Metal announced plans to acquire ExOne. The Pennsylvania-based company makes a wide variety of industrial 3D printers for industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, and defense. We recently wrote about the company’s portable 3D printing factories, which are virtually mobile additive manufacturing stations built in shipping containers.

We wrote about ExOne back in February when the company was granted $ 1.6 million from the DoD in hopes of getting the systems up and running. Each unit contains a 3D computer scanning station and a variety of rugged industrial machinery including a metal and ceramic printer, curing oven, fiber reinforced plastic printer, and compression modeling station.

“For the past two years, we’ve really focused on delivering our technology to government applications: DoD, NASA, DoE,” ExOne CEO John Hartner told TechCrunch when the news broke. “Sometimes people talk about disrupting the supply chain and achieving decentralized manufacturing. This is decentralized and provisioned forward if you will. Be it an emergency, a humanitarian mission or a front line for a war fighter. “

In today’s $ 575 million transaction, Desktop Metal will acquire all of ExOne’s common stock.

“We are excited to add ExOne to the DM family to create the leading additive manufacturing portfolio for mass production,” said Ric Fulop, CEO of Desktop Metal, in a press release. “We believe this acquisition will give customers more choice as we leverage our complementary technologies and go-to-market efforts to drive further growth. This transaction is a big step towards realizing our vision to accelerate the introduction of additive manufacturing 2.0. “

Desktop Metal has been actively pursuing acquisitions to expand its 3D printing portfolio since it announced its IPO through SPAC last August. EnvisionTEC acquired it in January for $ 300 million.

“We are excited to work with Desktop Metal to create a more sustainable future through our shared vision of high-volume additive manufacturing,” said Hartner of today’s announcement. “We believe our complementary platforms will serve customers better, accelerate the adoption of green technologies, and increase shareholder value. Most importantly, our technologies will help drive critical innovations in meaningful quantities that can make the world a better place. “

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