Eck Plastic attains brand-new deal with a bigger press

Eck Plastic Arts of Binghampton, NY, invested in an injection molding machine that is four times larger than the other printing machines in order to open up new areas of business.

The 1,012-ton Haitian Mars II S arrived in June, and his first project was already on deck: sculpting souvenir drinking cups in the shape of a baseball cap that are sold in major and minor league baseball stadiums.

According to president and co-owner Brett Pennefeather, the delay in the opening of professional baseball has had a positive impact on Eck Plastic.

“Starting the machine cost the fire drill,” Pennefeather said in a press release. “It gave us more time to make sure everything was put together correctly and the tools connected properly as we introduced our team to this new brand of machine.”

This is the first Haitian printing machine purchased by the company, which opened in 1949, providing thermoplastic injection molding and insert molding for the automotive, medical, defense, consumer, electronics, leisure and industrial markets.

The Pennefeather family bought Eck Plastic from Robert Eck in 2017 when he was retiring.

The new machine’s easy-to-use tie rod puller is a selling point, Pennefeather said.

“Our ceilings are 11 feet high and machines this size are about 9 feet high. The only way to install or swap out a mold is to load the mold from the side,” Pennefeather said. “We ordered the MA II S with an automatic tie rod puller that was on the preferred side of the machine and could be operated at the push of a button. The lead time for this custom option was shorter with Absolute Haitian than with competitors and other competitors.” Tie rod pullers weren’t automatic. “

To prepare the machine, a concrete floor had to be poured and new electrical and plumbing installations installed to protect employees and contractors from COVID-19.

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