ESKA sells mineral water in fully recycled plastic bottles

ESKA will restart ESKA Sparkling with completely recycled plastic bottles. Photo credit: CNW Group / ESKA.

Canada-based beverage company ESKA has announced plans to relaunch its carbonated brand ESKA Sparkling in fully recycled plastic bottles in the second half of the year.

With this commitment, ESKA will completely remove all plastic bottles for first use in its entire product line.

Last year, the company switched its entire line of natural spring water bottles to recycled plastic.

If successful, the company will be the first Canadian brand to use bottles made from recycled plastic to package all of their carbonated water.

Michel McArthur, ESKA’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “Preserving and protecting the environment is a core value for us.

“We are really proud to have successfully converted all of our bottles to recycled plastic while receiving a premium product from a glacier esker.

“We will no longer use any new plastic in the manufacture of our bottles.”

The recycled plastic used in the ESKA spring and sparkling water bottles comes from the Quebec Blue Box and other recycling systems. The bottles were launched in retail in July.

ESKA is a Quebec registered company and offers 100% Quebec water from environmentally friendly sources.

The company has corporate offices in Laval and at its filling facility in Abitibi, Quebec. The company currently has 130 employees, most of whom are based in Quebec.

Under the Sparkling brand, the company offers carbonated natural spring water in original and natural flavors of lemons, limes and orange fruits.

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