EVCO Plastics adds white room and LSR molded parts

EVCO’s new facility in Georgia will house its first white space and LSR molding capabilities.

EVCO Plastics, a plastic injection moulder with nine plants in the United States, Mexico and China, has just opened its tenth plant, which will open up new opportunities for the company. Based in DeForest, Wisconsin, EVCO (evcoplastics.com) recently purchased a facility near their CAL 1 facility outside of Calhoun, Georgia. The new plant, named CAL 2, expands the new plant by 40,000 ft2, including space for 20 injection machines of up to 500 tons and a 2.25 m2 measuring room. Additionally, CAL 2 will showcase EVCO’s first whitespace (22,000 ft2) and first LSR injection molding function (2100 ft2), both of which aim to serve customers in the medical and commercial sectors. CAL 2 will go into full operation in autumn of this year and will be a food-compliant system with highly automated “lights-out” production. This increases the total area of ​​EVCO to 1 million ft2. The company employs over 900 people and operates more than 140 injection molding presses from 28 to 3500 tons.

EVCO is also currently expanding its AMP facility in DeForest by 13,000 ft2, adding space for more machines as well as storage of raw materials and finished goods.

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