Extension of Putnam Plastics creates space for medical extrusion lines

Putnam Plastics Corp. has completed the construction of a 57,000 square meter expansion area. Putnam, a supplier of extrusions and assemblies for minimally invasive medical devices, said the facility will be used as a clean manufacturing space, increasing production capacity for both existing and new medical device customers.

The additional space at the company’s headquarters in Dayville, northeast Connecticut, will house several new extrusion lines and braiding and winding machines to manufacture reinforced catheter shafts.

By expanding the total area of ​​the headquarters, Putnam is able to keep all activities under one roof. The tool shop and engineering team are all in the same building, which gives customers overall shorter lead times and faster time to market, the company explained. It also minimizes logistical problems, thereby increasing overall efficiency. Putnam expects to hire more than 100 people to fill new positions created by the expansion.

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