Fifty Tones Of Brown: 3D printing with sugar

[Norbert Heinz] was utilized for the Hackaday Reward 2021 dealing with the advancement of a direct granular extruder for 3D printing with waste products or products that are not offered in the type of a filament. Sugar is rather typical in the majority of families as it is currently offered in granular type, [Norbert] Attempted 3D printing with granulated sugar. (Video, ingrained listed below.)

[Editor’s note: He earned fifth place for this one! Well, not the sugar in particular, but the overall great work on granular extruders.]

Success has actually been a bit adjustable as the sticky product is infamously unpredictable, however the setup produced some texture that remained in one piece for a minimum of a while. At First [Norbert] it attempted really gradually to print efficiently with the melted sweet things by dragging a molten blob of it around completion of the extruder nozzle. This worked, however the resulting print resolution left a lot to be wanted. Next, the printing speed was increased. This led to clearer prints as the sugar didn’t have time to caramelize or form a visible blob, once the bed began to cool it broke severely.

Going gradually appeared the method to go, as more time to cool might have lowered the tensions in the structure due to the longer cooling time. However anyhow, the method we see it, it’s enjoyable to attempt and if it fails you can simply consume it as long as you overlook all those food security things anyhow.

[Norbert] files the journey of the granulate extruder on the job page, so it ought to be simple adequate to replicate this if you are inclined to do so.

We’ve currently covered a couple of sweet hacks; Do you require an eco-friendly bed adhesive? from glue stick? Attempt sugar as a bed glue! Printing in sticky, careless products is absolutely nothing brand-new at all, we covered it practically 10 years earlier.

3D printing sugar with a Direct Granules Extruder

Thanks to [Nils] for the suggestion!

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