Final Fantasy 7 fan uses 3D printers to create PS1-style characters of the party members

A Final Fantasy 7 fan uses a 3D printer to construct tiny statuettes of the game’s characters and perfectly captures the polygons of the original PlayStation.

When people think of JRPGs Final Fantasy is often the first franchise that comes to mind, and perhaps the most iconic game in that franchise is Final Fantasy 7. The vivid characters and incredible interpretation of early 3D level design have made it one of the most acclaimed early 3D video games made era, and fans have consistently created incredible art over the years to appreciate. A fan posted his work on Reddit: a full collection of the main characters from the original PS1 version of Final Fantasy 7 in all of their polygonal glory.

For those involved in the early days of 3D gaming, it was certainly a time to experiment. Many games struggled to translate from their 2D roots into the fully realized Z-planes of three-dimensional space, while other games flourished and became instant classics. As 3D printing becomes more accessible, fans are finding ways to recreate portions of their favorite titles in the real world, with items like Geralt’s locket from The Witcher being printed to look like it came straight out of the game.

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Reddit user dogofpavlov managed to print out a whole set of characters from the original PlayStation version of Final Fantasy 7 and managed to capture the characters perfectly with his 3D printer. The statuettes are around 5-6 inches tall, according to Dogofpavlov, and were all printed white and hand-painted by the Redditor to get as close as possible to the original characters. The main actors are all in attendance, with fan favorites Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth and Aerith all appearing in their original, box-shaped state.

Notably, the statues are missing their eyes, with Dogofpavlov saying they were “afraid to paint the eyes” and would instead print them on “sticker paper” and later attach them to the plastic statues. Many pointed out that this was a wise move, as even a slight miscalculation in aligning eyes with pieces can make them look completely wrong. Dogofpavlov used a number of templates for the statues available at Thingiverse, a 3D printing website that has an archive of user-made models for those with 3D printers, and the templates, oddly enough, match the aesthetic of the Final Fantasy- PS1 era games.

The wonderful thing about these characters, along with a great nostalgic look at the polygonal graphics of the early 3D era of gaming, is that they were made thanks to the open source nature of the 3D printing community. The availability of such detailed templates to print has helped the community and allowed new 3D printers to learn the mechanics of the machines. Dogofpavlov’s custom paint job helped make it their own while capturing what fans still love about Final Fantasy 7 all those years later.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is now available for PS4 and PS5.

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