Illinois-based injection moulder D&M Plastics is expanding its capabilities and expertise to drive growth in the automotive, medical, and aerospace industries

Another concern is to find enough employees, especially in the factory floor. To counteract the shortage, D&M is investing in more automation.

“We were able to eliminate some of the operator work that would previously have been necessary. Frankly, what drives that is just the ability to find workforce. We had some difficulty finding third-shift workers, at least at this point. “Point in time,” he said.

“Some of these are caused by the fact that because of the extra money being paid out by the federal government, people can make as much money – and in some cases, perhaps more – at home than they can work. So people were telling us bluntly, ‘Yeah, I’ll be back to work as soon as the services end,’ “Owen said.

D&M currently employs around 55 people, including temporary workers, and works either 24/5 or 24/6 depending on the workload. Plastics News estimates the company’s 2020 sales at $ 9.5 million.

Tremonti, a 26-year automobile manufacturing veteran, joined D&M in late 2020. His experience spanned 17 years at Magna International.

“I’m basically the finance expert. I have an engineering degree, but I’ve always been in sales,” said Owen, who bought D&M eight years ago. “I spend my time supporting the sales team and focusing on the financial aspects of the business, and [Tremonti] pretty much does everything else. “

As the manufacturing manager, Fisher manages all aspects of the manufacturing space while overseeing and managing day-to-day operations for each shift. Fisher has extensive training in lean manufacturing and robotics, and specializes in optimization and efficient manufacturing practices, Owen said.

As a senior quality engineer, Mounsey is focused on continuous improvement, policies and procedures, Owen said.

“I really feel like we are finally making our progress and are seeing some growth in sales over the next few years,” said Owen. “I’m feeling pretty good for the next few years. I think these are generally going to be good years for injection molding.”

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