Industry Roundtable: 3D Printing and Supply Chain

After a year of using countless examples of 3D printing to fill gaps in the supply chain and manufacture emergency components in the event of disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic, there was no question what the subject of our first one was Roundtable of the Additive Insight Industry would.

To kick off our new podcast series, Laura Griffiths, Head of Content at TCT, will be accompanied by three experts from the entire field of additive manufacturing to discuss the challenges and opportunities for 3D printing in the supply chain.

Our panelists are Dr. Jennifer Johns, International Business Consultant, School of Management, Bristol University, Ramon Pastor, HPThe global general manager for 3D printing and Sam Onukuri, head of 3D printing and customer solutions at Johnson & Johnson.

More from our panelists:

All along the way, you will gain insight into the lessons of the manufacturing pandemic, key considerations for integrating 3D printing into your supply chain, and the greatest opportunities for additive manufacturing to increase the resilience of the supply chain.

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