Injection Molding Companies Near Me

Find Plastic Injection Molding Companies Near Me

Plastic Injection Molding Companies Near Me

Plastic Molder Pro is the top injection molding companies near me directory of leading industrial injection molding service listings in the United States. These plastic injection molding companies can design, engineer, and manufacture injection-molded plastic products to your specifications and application needs.

We are the best resource for your information requirements, whether for a plastic manufacturer of plastic molding, injection molding, or insert molding. If you’re searching for a list of injection molding companies in the USA, state by state, then the Plastic Molder Pro directory can help! Below we’ve featured a sample of the 10 top injection molding companies in the USA.

Top Injection Molding Companies

  • The Rodon Group Hatfield, PA
  • D&M Plastics LLC
  • R&D Molders, Inc.
  • MVP Plastics Middlefield, OH
  • World Class Plastics, Inc.
  • SI Plastics, Inc. Jeffersonville, IN
  • Colonial Engineering, Inc. Portage, MI
  • Reliance Engineering Lancaster, MA
  • Broker Manufacturing LLC Franklin, WI

Plastic injection molding is competitive. There are many options for businesses looking to purchase plastic components. When selecting a plastic injection mold company as your partner to optimize your part, supply, and cost, there are many things to consider.

It is not enough to search for plastic injection molding companies in your local area. To avoid problems such as late delivery, poor quality, and limited capacity, you need to be able to identify the right provider.

How do you choose the best plastic injection mold company?

Plastic injection molding can be a cost-effective solution to help companies optimize their existing parts and improve their operations. Plastic molding can be beneficial for many industries, but businesses must find a reliable company to fulfill their needs.

These are the five most important factors to consider when looking to add plastic injection molds to a business or change your provider.

Reliable production

The plastic injection molding company should meet the highest industry standards and deliver your product on time. In addition, you should see proof of their ability to meet your requirements through a multi-step project design and development process.

Their production process must be capable of producing consistent product quality every time. It is a good idea to ask potential molders if they are ISO-certified. This independent verification verifies that they meet industry standards.

Quick project completion

It’s essential to find a company that can fulfill your requirements for plastic mold components and delivers them in the timeframe agreed upon. You, the client, should be in constant communication with the provider and have a chance to discuss your requirements at every stage. They must also be able to obtain the necessary materials for the plastic injection molding process without delays.

Your preferred provider should efficiently manage clients’ projects and manage their staff. In addition, it will guarantee on-time delivery and provide you with outstanding reliability.

Engineering-based expertise

It is vital to find a company that can optimize your plastic parts and makes them according to your specifications. An engineering company will be able to produce parts that are compatible with a particular application.

Experienced technicians are also available to help you determine the details of your project and then manage it from its initial development through completion.

Advanced, science-backed practices

Expert companies are also up-to-date on the latest developments in plastic injection molding and use proven design and production methods. As a result, plastic injection molding providers should provide long-term value, minimize failures and avoid unnecessary costs using science-backed tools.

This scientific and reliable approach is essential for producing high-quality plastic parts. It also allows you to repeat the process with minimal deviations and maximum product consistency.

Dependability of injection molding companies

It would be best to discuss additional factors with your professional plastic injection molding company before you hire them. Ask them about their injection molding experience and if they have any recommendations for clients. It is essential to discuss their manufacturing capabilities, ISO metrics, delivery practices, and other factors that will help you determine if they can meet your needs.

People also ask

How many injection-molding companies are there in the USA?

As of 2021, there were 371 Injection Molding Manufacturing companies in the US. It is a decrease of -1.2% compared to 2020.

Who manufactures injection molds in America?

  • Plastek Industries, Inc. Erie PA
  • Boyne City MI LexaMar Corp.
  • Jones Plastic & Engineering Co. LLC Louisville KY
  • Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering, Inc. Rochester Hills MI
  • MMI Engineered Solutions Saline MI
  • Clearwater FL: American Tool & Mold, Inc.
  • Ironwood Plastics, Inc. Ironwood MI
  • Seaway Plastics Engineering, LLC Port Richey FL
  • Alwin Clintonville WI
  • Decatur Mold, Tool & Engineering, Inc. North Vernon IN

What is the cost of having something injection molded?

The short answer is that plastic injection molds can be expensive. They range from $100 for a low-volume 3D-printed injection mold to more than $100,000 for a multi-cavity steel mold for high-volume production. It represents the highest fixed start-up cost for injection molding.

Is injection molding more affordable than 3D printing?

If you make more than 100 parts, injection molding will be less expensive than 3D printing. Although 3D printing is relatively affordable, injection molding costs are much lower than 3D printing. However, you can produce more parts with your mold.

Why do plastic injection molds cost so much?

The most expensive part of injection molding involves the injection mold and can significantly increase smaller parts’ runs. An injection mold’s cost is influenced by the size and complexity of the part and the material and number of parts produced.

How long can an injection mold last?

The Society of the Plastics Industry classifies injection molds according to their life expectancy. Class 101 – Life expectancy of +1,000,000 cycle. These are the most costly injection molds. Class 102 – Life expectancy of not more than 1,000,000 cycles

What is the material used to make injection molds?

Plastic injection molds are usually made from hardened or pre-hardened steel, aluminum, or beryllium/copper alloy. Although they are more expensive, steel molds are preferred due to their durability.

Why is injection molding made from steel?

Steel’s strength and hardness make it more able to hold the shape of exact areas. Durability. Advantage: Steel. Steel molds have a distinct advantage over other materials in terms of their durability.

What is a strong plastic for injection molding?

Polycarbonate (PC), a transparent thermoplastic, is available in several strengths and shatter-resistant designs for plastic injection molded products.

Acrylic can be injection-molded

Plastic injection molding is sometimes used to make acrylic material in opaque and translucent colors. In addition, used in insert molding to mold metal inserts into acrylic.

Is LDPE injection molded?

Lightweight and flexible, the LDPE can also be injected molded for many purposes.

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