Innersense Organic Beauty becomes plastic-neutral

CONCORD, California., July 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Award-winning clean beauty brand Innersense Organic Beauty is proud to announce that it is now plastic neutral certified. The company has partnered with rePurpose Global, a social enterprise dedicated to helping frontline innovators reduce waste to fund the recovery of as much plastic as is used in its manufacturing, packaging, Distribution and operation consumed. This bold commitment by Innersense Organic Beauty funds efforts to expand plastic recovery and help disadvantaged waste workers in India. It is part of the brand’s wider plastic waste campaign strategy that includes reducing sources, moving to recycled packaging for consumers, and researching refillable solutions.

The partnership between Innersense Organic Beauty and rePurpose Global enables the elimination of plastic waste that would otherwise end up in the environment every year. The company supports directly audited waste management projects in Aurangabad, India to collect and process difficult-to-recycle waste streams that are otherwise too small to recover from the environment, such as chocolate packaging, chip packs and similar flexible packaging items. In addition to reducing plastic pollution, the Anant Pranay project is helping to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate change by jointly processing the collected waste as an alternative to coal.

With its plastic neutrality, Innersense Organic Beauty helps a $ 30 billion/ Year funding gap that plagues recycling supply chains worldwide while providing a major source of income for over 700+ residents, including garbage collectors, and their families in Aurangabad. Today, informal waste workers often earn less than $ 5per day, work in precarious conditions and face severe discrimination despite being of vital importance to society in cities in developing countries. Through this initiative, Innersense Organic Beauty increases the incomes of these waste workers by emphasizing difficult-to-recycle plastics and supporting experienced recycling social enterprises that promote waste workers holistically through occupational safety and competence training.

As a prominent player in the beauty sector, Innersense Organic Beauty recognizes the serious threat that plastic pollution poses to the future of our planet and is committed to taking steps to address it.

“We have seen the devastating amount of waste generated by our industry every day, so the urgency of this crisis could not be ignored and we decided to step up. Our planet needs us and Innersense Organic Beauty is taking great strides. in order to do this.” our part. “said Greg Starkman, Founder of Innersense Organic Beauty. “Our mission has always been to provide our customers with the highest quality product experience while making a positive impact on society. Through our partnership with rePurpose Global, we will fund the recovery of plastic waste in the environment, which is the plastic footprint our own packaging and our operations. ” . “

“Environmental protection is at the heart of Innersense Organic Beauty. It’s so refreshing to see them push the envelope in tackling the plastic waste problem. Future-oriented brands like Innersense Organic Beauty are the order of the day. We hope this groundbreaking move will further encourage brands to take responsibility for their own plastic waste, “said Aditya Siroya, co-founder and chief impact officer of rePurpose Global, the world’s first plastic credit platform.

About Innersense Organic Beauty

Beauty professionals Greg and Joanne Starkman founded Innersense Organic Beauty to provide salons, stylists and consumers with clean, pure and pollution-free hair care. The Clean Hair Care brand products include shampoo, conditioner, scalp scrubs, styling and treatment products for all hair types. More information is available at

About rePurpose Global

rePurpose Global is the world’s first plastic credit platform committed to providing environmentally conscious companies worldwide access to environmental measures. Their one-stop solution enables everyone to become plastic neutral by funding plastic waste disposal and plastic containment projects around the world.

Since its inception, rePurpose Global has made an impact on the environment for people in 26 countries and over 100 targeted brands, from emerging SMBs to global Fortune 500 companies. In doing so, the coalition is making a positive impact on the lives of over 9,500 marginalized garbage workers and community members around the world.

Watch this 4 minute introductory video or visit their website to explore their platform and join the movement.

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