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Opening hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm MF
Call the opening times: 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Acceptance deadline for freight deliveries: 1:30 p.m.
Primary company type:
Distributor of plates, bars, tubes, bars, foils, profiles
Accessories, tools and care products made of plastic
Additional activities:
Tailored materials and complex CNC manufacturing
All places
Key staff:
Mark Courtright Pres.
John Shwenck, operations manager.
Mike Mckenna, sales manager
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3d printing
Aerospace, Missile and Space
Aseptic sterile drink
Pharma filling systems
Air freight
Aircraft engines
Aircraft fastenings
Aircraft interior
Aircraft manufacturer
Machining of aircraft parts
Aircraft Overhaul – Airlines
Aircraft overhaul – aftermarket
Aircraft systems
Amplifiers & radios
Amusement parks & rides
Analytical instruments
Pet supplies / vets / animal shelters
Antenna and amplifier manufacturers
Animal enclosure
Arcade and gaming machines
Car washes – car washes
Automotive aftermarket
Automobile production
Automotive systems
Bakery equipment, ovens and bakeries
Bathroom partitions
Bearings & linear motion
Bicycles, Motorcycles & Parts
Biotec Pharma
Manufacture of bleach, chlor-alkali and caustic soda
Jib cranes & elevators
Bottle and can production
Bus stops
Canning machines
Case and case production
Ceramic production & processing
Chemical production
Churches and non-profit organizations
Cleanroom cabinets / fume cupboards / constructionCon
Clean room requirements
Cabinet installation & design
Manufacture of composite materials
Computer server
Concrete, cement casting, stamping and production
Consumer products
Manufacturing plant
Custom manufacturing
Installation on the countertop, granite, marble
Dairy products
Dental orthodontic equipment
Diesel engine
Diversified manufacturing
Duck Calls – Game Calls
Manufacture of electric motors, winding
Spacers for electrical channel banks, cable duct
Electromechanical assembly, manufacturing
Electronic components and connections
Electronic rectifier
Electronic test equipment
Engineering, construction, MRO
Environmental monitoring, remediation
Equestrian products
Device sensors, controls
Exercise equipment & sporting goods

Fare collection systems
Agriculture – Farms – Food & Agriculture
Fasteners – Other
Forage, seeds & grain
Film and television studios and set production
Fire extinguisher cabinets
Fire hose equipment, nozzles and gate valves
Flexible circuits
Food processing equipment
Forest, wood, pulp and paper products
Framers – picture frames manufacturer
Gas compressor
Gas turbines
Glass dealers and installers
Glass handling & Mfg
Glass laminators – safety glazing
Government – federal, state, local authorities Local
Guitar making
Plaster of paris, plaster of paris and wallboard products
HVAC and cooling systems
Harvesting equipment
Heating elements & glow components
Heavy Machinery – Construction Related
Helicopter manufacturer
High performance liquid chromatography
High purity liquid handling and chemical delivery systems
Handling and equipment of high purity gas
Home improvement stores & products
Hospitals & Medical Services
Hot runner
Hotel & Motels
Home appliance manufacturer
Manufacturer of ice rinks
Industrial and electronics housings
Industrial brushes
Industrial design studios
Industrial laundry and dishwashing machines
Industrial Subcontracting Companies – Wholesale-Retail
Injection molding of plastics
Integrated suppliers
Knife maker & knife sharpening
Laser equipment, cutting & precision optics
Lighting products
Machine tool manufacturers
Machining – CNC machine shops
Machining – specialty plastic
Marine – shipbuilding
Local transport – bus
Local transport – train
Meat & Poultry & Fish
Medical equipment
Medical implants
Medical orthotics & prosthetics
Medical trays & tools
Metal dealers – wholesale
Metal production & casting
Metal spinning
City Transport Authorities
Military – defense
Model maker – mold maker
Museums & art galleries
Musical instruments
National laboratories
Noise isolation, soundproofing
Office and restaurant furniture
Oil and gas services and tools
Ozone generators

POP ad
Packing machine
Painting, coating
Painting, striping, stencils
Plaster strips
Patio furniture
Petrochemical Refining
Photo studios
Photovoltaic – solar products
Pile drivers
Plasma torches
Plastic distributor
Wholesale molds
Plastic manufacturer
Plastic pallets, slip sheets
Plastics – Others
Plating and anodizing of tanks
Playground equipment
Pool Equipment & Accessories &
Power distribution & switchgear
Electricity generation and storage
Power transmission equipment
Printed circuit boards
Probe card – probe test
Processed foods
Procurement services
Public schools
Pulleys & Pulleys
Radiation protection
Recreational vehicles
Refrigerated display cases
Home furniture
Restaurants & cafes
Retail – Non-Commercial
Retail Kiosk & Vending Machine
Robotics & Factory Automation
Routers – network devices
Scientific instruments
Diving – diving equipment
Poetry & poetry
Seating – bleachers, chairs, benches
Security – Prisons – Prisons
Semicon – test socket BiTS
Semicon process equipment
Semicon spare parts
Semicon test equipment
Sheet metal stamping, welding
Signage & printing
Signal processing equipment
Small boats and watercraft
Punching & punching
Styrofoam cups & plates
Telecommunication equipment
Textile production & equipment
Tire and rubber production
Touch screens, graphic overlays
Exhibition display
Truck & trailer bodies & parts
Universities & colleges
Valve & Pump & Hydraulics
Wafer fabs
Wafer handling
Water treatment devices
Water jet cutting equipment
Manufacturer of wave solder
Wet process – Bench Fab
Wheelchair manufacturer
Window and door manufacturer Door
Golf cart windshields
Windshields, motorcycles, snowmobiles
Wire products
Wood and furniture construction

Business description

Interstate Plastics is a full-line distributor of plastic sheets, rods, tubes, rods, films, and profiles, as well as plastic accessories, tools, and toiletries. With 10 locations across the country and an online sales and support team, Interstate Plastics offers complete sheets and pallets, simple cuts, and complex CNC manufacturing. Interstate Plastics is known for its reputation for selling high quality products, providing excellent customer service, and excellent technical support. All of our products and services are available through the secure and convenient shopping system on this website. We’re always a phone call away at (888) 768-5759 for instant assistance.

Interstate Plastics proudly serves a wide variety of industries including semiconductors, medical, aerospace, food processing, POP displays, government, and automotive, to name a few. and are at your disposal. This has been the foundation of Interstate Plastics and has been for nearly thirty-five years.

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