Based in Monza, Italy, Soffiaggio Tecnica srl ​​(ST) says it has made advances in reducing energy consumption while making them versatile with their latest blow molding machines.

The company, which was founded in 1980, will be showing the ASPI 400 with 40 tons of clamping force and a 4-liter storage head at booth S35080 at NPE2018. The next generation model can manufacture parts in two-dimensional configurations, such as:

In the past, ST has proven the efficiency of its machine park by producing tennis rackets, spiral-shaped walking sticks and shoehorns for trade fair visitors. The company doesn’t say what kind of novelty the latest version of its machine will produce at the NPE, but it does encourage attendees to stop by the exhibition for a “nice giveaway”.

The machine’s innovations include a new heating control concept to reduce power consumption during start-up by modulating the power of each heating zone “to cut energy peaks,” according to a press release from ST.

In addition, an inverter in the hydraulic system controls the speed-controlled pumps, which adjusts the oil output and reduces energy consumption as well as noise and wear, according to the company.

The model also uses radio frequency identification (RFID) to allow operators to quickly sign in with a contactless badge, managers to set access levels based on user profiles, and to track and record user actions.

The machine connects to the customers’ intelligent factories using the standard communication protocol known as OPC UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) and has predictive tools to plan maintenance work and prevent unexpected downtime.

Machine data on production, maintenance and quality can be called up with a new web application online or with a new ST app from tablets and smartphones.

For NPE, ST equips the model with a 70 mm extruder. The screw profile is suitable for high throughput polyolefins or engineering polymers of 170 kg / hour high density polyethylene or 130 kg / hour nylon 6. The company says that 35 “x 43” chipboard will be able to mold large shapes Dimensions compared to industry standards for preform suction machines.

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