Kickstart: throw off the plastic

Plastics now has its own museum in Spain. But unlike most plastics, it’s not designed to last.

The “Museo del Plástico”, which now stands in front of the Spanish National Museum in Madrid, was made entirely of plastic and will only be open for 10 days. On May 17th – World Recycling Day – it will be dismantled and recycled.

The sponsor is the packaging company Paccor. The plastic platform EsPlasticos launched the museum to provide information about recycling, marine litter, climate change, safety and the circular economy.

“Thanks to initiatives such as EsPlástico, various players in the industry are pooling their strengths in order to achieve a future with increasingly sustainable plastics. Given the constant and biased attacks the plastics industry has been facing lately, EsPlástico is now launching an original campaign that shows the amazing properties of plastics, including its recyclability, and Paccor is proud to be a part of it, “said Andreas Schütte, CEO of Paccor, in a press release.

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