Lego begins developing bricks from recycled plastic bottles

Lego has unveiled its first recycled plastic bottle bricks and said the components will be in sets within two years.

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The Danish company, whose name is derived from the Danish words “leg godt”, which means “play well”, produces billions of bricks every year, most of which are made of an ABS plastic that provides “clutch power” and it gives them allows to cling together.

Prototype bricks


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The prototypes of the 4×2 bricks were made from PET plastic from recycled bottles and additives to give them the robustness of standard Lego components. They are the result of three years of testing 250 different materials.

Recycled plastics

Plastic waste

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Each 1 liter plastic bottle used in the process makes enough material to make an average of 10 4×2 Lego bricks.

Before the toy manufacturer decides whether to continue with the pilot production, the process is evaluated and refined. It is predicted that the next round of testing will last at least a year.

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Making Lego environmentally friendly

Lego Wall-E

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Lego Wall-E

Lego has more than 150 employees working to make its goods greener and is committed to investing up to $ 400 million (£ 286 million) over three years to help achieve that goal.

It has already been said that single-use plastic would go away from its packaging. It has been manufacturing parts from bio-polyethylene (bio-PE), which is made from sustainably sourced sugar cane, since 2018. These are flexible objects such as trees, leaves and figure accessories.

The pigments used to color bricks weren’t oil-based, but they wanted to make them more environmentally friendly.

According to Tim Brooks, Vice President of Environmental Responsibility at Lego Group, the main difficulty is “rethinking and inventing new materials that are as durable, sturdy, and high-quality as our existing bricks – and that go with Lego pieces that do.” over the previous ones “. 60 years. “

He continued, “We are committed to creating a sustainable future for future generations of children.” Through play, inspiration and the materials we use, we want our goods to have a positive impact on the environment. We still have a long way to go, but we’re pleased with how far we’ve come. “

“It shouldn’t stop”

Environmentalists welcomed the use of recycled plastic but warned that it should not be the “standard answer” to the plastic problem.

“Children need to grow up in a world without unnecessary plastic pollution,” said Camilla Zerr, a plastic activist with Friends of the Earth. “Initiatives to make toys from recycled plastics are promising and others in the industry should follow suit.”

“It is important, however, that recycling is not touted as a panacea for the plastic problem. Toy manufacturers need to guarantee that their products will last for many years so that they can be passed down and used from generation to generation.”

Take stronger steps

Plastic waste

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Zerr believes the government could “take stronger steps” by including plastic pollution laws in the government’s environmental law.

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