Manchester-based skin and hair care brand grüum launches a range of toiletry bags made from ocean-bound plastic – News Anyway

Grüum, the Manchester-based skin and hair care brand, has launched a new line of toiletry bags made from ocean-bound plastic.

The Loop Wash Bag, which is available in three colors, comes from ethical sources and is 100% vegan.

Each bag is made from 100% recycled plastic pellets made from ocean-bound plastic – such as plastic bottles, plastic fishing nets, and flip-flops – that were rescued or intercepted from the oceans before they reached the coast. Each contains the equivalent of up to 12 plastic bottles.

The new range comes according to estimates by the non-profit organization Plastic Oceans that 10 million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year, which corresponds to one truck load per minute.

Sustainability is a central principle at grüum, which was launched in 2016 by four friends from Manchester and last year doubled sales and grew to 20 employees.

Co-Founder Andy Shaw said, “Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. From our ever-growing range of plastic-free products to our packaging options, it really matters to us. “

Originally started as a shaving brand, grüum has now expanded to include skin, hair and sun care products, which, in his words, are “gentle on the skin and our planet”.

Inspired by Scandinavian ideals, all grüum products – most of which are manufactured in England – are free of chemical “bad guys” and packaged with natural ingredients.

Shaw said he and his co-founders – Simon Leonard, Beth Sleigh, and George Lagonikas – quit their jobs and started the company to challenge the status quo in the beauty industry.

He added, “We only want to create products that serve a real purpose, with no gimmicks or labels. Sustainability and inclusivity are cornerstones of everything we do, so we don’t do anything “for him” or “for her”; We make them for everyone, with a fair price for everyone. “

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