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The medical industry has come a long way in interventions that have improved the quality of life in societies around the world. However, the industry has to reimagine the production space in order to achieve a quantum leap for the health sector. The pursuit of excellent manufacturing is now more powerful as medical device manufacturers face new challenges triggered by the pandemic that can lead to massive fluctuations in demand. Manufacturers who make ventilators, imaging equipment, and PPE, among others, are in a position where they cannot respond quickly enough to growing demand or turn around when demand for other products changes.

“Markforged recognizes that the ability to adapt quickly to the market is key to the success of medical industry players. Our ability to change and the agility we show when we adapt quickly to change are key to our future. Our 3D printers enable this key factor to adapt medical device manufacturers and make it easier for them to manufacture ventilators, imaging equipment, PPE and other items, ”said a company spokesman.

Markforged will also host the # 4 webinar series for modern manufacturers on Wednesday, April 7, 2021 at 7.30 a.m. IST. Anthony Rosengren, Applications Engineer at Markforged APAC, and Adam Taylor, Government Initiatives at Ernst and Young, will speak at the webinar. The audience can learn and participate in questions and answers on the following topics:

  • How some of Australia’s most innovative companies are using 3D printing to quickly retrofit and create components faster and cheaper than ever. How the DIAMOnD project will enable small and medium-sized manufacturers in Michigan to print PPE, closing a critical void in the medical supply chain during the ongoing fight against COVID-19
  • How Project DIAMOnD enables small and medium-sized manufacturers to print PPE to fill a critical void in the medical supply chain during the ongoing fight against COVID-19
  • The Australian government grants manufacturing companies in the medical industry grants
  • Why more than 22% of medical and life science companies are using additive manufacturing

Register for Markforged’s Modern Manufacturer Webinar Series # 4 on Wednesday April 7, 2021 at 7:30 a.m. IST Here:

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