Massachusetts Plastic Blow Molding Company lays foundation stone for expansion project

Meredith-Springfield Associates has broken ground for expansion in Ludlow, Massachusetts, celebrating a new era and commitment to global growth and its home community.

The project will add 5,000 square feet of lightweight construction, 12,000 square feet of warehouse space and three new loading docks in a 1,000 square foot extension, increasing the total facility to 83,000 square feet. The larger footprint makes space for six top-of-the-line machines that help automate production and increase capacity.

In the coming months Meredith-Springfield will install two new extrusion blow molding machines, a Bekum 155 and an R & B / Sika 850 long stroke machine, as well as an Aoki AL-1000 injection stretch blow molding machine. In addition to the molding machines, the manufacturer has purchased three new fully automatic Dyco excavators and one semi-automatic excavator from Mexan Automation. These machines automate the bottle discharge from the machines after their production with connected conveyor belts, which enable leakage tests and visual inspections. The bagging machines then palletize the finished products and prepare them for shipping without using corrugated cardboard.

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