Massachusetts plastics manufacturer announces expansion project

Meredith-Springfield has an expansion project underway at its Ludlow, Massachusetts facility.

Meredith-Springfield Associates, Inc.

Meredith-Springfield Associates, Inc. launched a new expansion project. The plastics maker’s plan will take place in its hometown of Ludlow, Massachusetts, and will add 5,000 square feet of lightweight space, 12,000 square feet of warehouse space, and three new loading bays in a 1,000 square foot extension.

The entire facility will take up 83,000 square meters. The larger footprint enables six machines to automate production and increase capacity.

“It was challenging to meet the needs of our growing business with our existing space,” said President and CEO Mel O’Leary. “This investment in building and production equipment enables us to plan better for the future and to increase efficiency.”

In addition, Meredith-Springfield intends to install two new extrusion blow molding machines and an injection stretch blow molding machine.

The manufacturer acquired three bagging machines which, with connected conveyor belts, will automate the removal of bottles from the machines after they have been produced. The bagging machines will then palletize the finished products.

“Ultimately, our goal is to serve our customers with shorter lead times and higher quality products that are more sustainably packaged,” said O’Leary.

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