Mixed plastics processor enters the end market

EFS-plastics produces pellets from mixed plastics. | With the kind permission of EFS-Kunststoff

North American reclaimer EFS-plastics has taken over a manufacturer of plastic products, a move that the company says will increase its recycling and production capacities.

EFS, which brings mixed plastic bales to its plants in Listowel, Ontario and Hazleton, Pennsylvania, announced on October 4 that it has acquired Exi-Plast Custom Molding. Exi-Plast, based near EFS in Huron Park, Ontario, is focused on custom blow molding services, the companies said when announcing the agreement.

“With the purchase of Exi-Plast, EFS can directly manufacture end products with a high proportion of recycled plastic for its customers,” says the announcement. “Given the commitments made by brands and the Canadian federal government to increase the use of recycled plastic, this enhanced vertical integration will allow EFS to recycle larger amounts of plastic from Canadian households.”

EFS is one of the few North American companies that process low-quality plastic bales that were mainly exported until a few years ago. The company has expanded its processing capabilities in recent years, coinciding with the upheavals in the mixed plastics market due to import restrictions in China and elsewhere.

EFS processes 3-7 mixed plastics, films that have been collected through take-back programs, and films that have been separated by material recovery facilities (MRFs). The company sources its sources from across North America. With the delivered mixed bales, EFS concentrates on the extraction of PE and PP for further processing. Ultimately, the company produces pellets that are used in a range of end uses.

Martin Vogt, CEO of EFS, told Plastics Recycling Update that the company was interested in entering the end-user sector for several important reasons.

“Many of our suppliers are concerned about where their community-collected plastic is going; We are happy to provide you with some examples of our own use of the material, ”Vogt said in a statement. “We will be able to demonstrate high PCR levels in these products that we believe will be valuable to brands seeking to meet their recycled ingredient goals. Through our work with Exi-Plast, we look forward to seeing firsthand how the boundaries of what is possible with PCR are being pushed. “

He emphasized that Exi-Plast is located near the EFS facility in Listowel, Ontario, which reduces the carbon footprint of the recycling process.

Exi-Plast has been purchasing pellets from EFS since 2016, the companies announced in the announcement. Jeffrey Lang, President of Exi-Plast, said that over the next few months the manufacturing facility will attempt to increase its production capacity and upgrade its equipment, which will be made possible by the support of EFS.

In August, EFS and Exi-Plast published details of a collaboration in which Exi-Plast produced traffic cones from 100% recycled plastic from EFS.

According to the announcement, the companies will continue to operate in their existing organizational structures.

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