Monthly day off for plastic recycling in Berkeley County | West Virginia

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. – Clint Hogbin, chairman of Berkeley County’s solid waste agency, knows how much residents miss recycling plastic bins and bags – because he has many memories.

“Not a day goes by without getting calls from people wondering when they can drop off their plastic for recycling. Some people still keep it because they can’t stand the thought of it being dumped, ”Hogbin said.

The plastics recycling program, which was suspended indefinitely in March due to a number of factors, continues.

Problems related to recycling plastic bags – including those from retail and grocery stores – have been fixed and it could only be a few months before they are accepted again, he said. However, recycling plastic containers can take longer, despite discussions with various companies, including one in Canada.

There’s another local option as Entsorga West Virginia offers a free recycling day of plastic bins every month, said Emily Dyson, director of environment and safety at Entsorga North America.

The company’s first day off, which was in March, brought in 1.8 tons of municipal solid waste, and most of that was plastic, she said.

April 20 is the next day off, and the company plans to hold one every third Tuesday of the month, she said. Hours of operation are 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., and the event is open to Western Virgins with proof of state of residence.

In addition to plastic containers, paper, clothing, packaging and plastic foam are also accepted as types of waste. Unacceptable items include batteries, aerosol cans, brushes, lumber, liquid waste, and scrap metal.

The two-year-old plant converts waste into fuel that is used at the nearby Argos cement plant in Martinsburg.

“Especially since the county program has ended at this point, we’re excited to have this plastic reused and used as fuel,” she said.

“Entsorga supports Berkeley County with the idea that recycling should always be our top priority. And since the recycling market is what it is, we are giving this option, which is better than a landfill, ”she said.

Information on the free recycling days and acceptable waste can be found on the Entsorga WV Facebook page or at

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