Natech Plastics solves supply chain problems for extraction tubes

Natech Plastics has completed the design, manufacture and assembly of its custom extraction tube, which is developed for use in diagnostic applications such as COVID-19 testing.

The injection molding specialist says this custom product solves supply chain problems for companies that specialize in quick diagnostic testing.

“Our customers shared their efforts to obtain reliable extraction tubes from currently available suppliers. As a partner in your success, our team has set to work to develop a functional and customizable solution for the diagnostics industry. Our customers now purchase extraction tubes domestically from us and trust in the quality and performance they receive from Natech, ”says Thomas Nagler, CEO of Natech Plastics.

The extraction tube went through various iterations and rigorous testing to ensure the proper quality and functionality of the parts. The tests included material tests, permeability tests, leak tests and functional tests. The final product has the clarity, ductility, and permeability necessary to serve customers in the diagnostics market.

Natech invested in additional technology and equipment to support this product, including test equipment, filling stations, and film sealing machines. Customers can customize the extraction tubes to have a foil seal or plastic cap and customized packaging for their application.

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