New deal solves difficult extrusion and injection molding adhesion

Foster Corporation, a leading provider of polymer solutions for medical devices, has announced an exclusive distribution agreement with SK Functional Polymer (SKFP), a subsidiary of SK Global Chemical.

The agreement, which came into effect on May 10, 2021, enables Foster Corporation to exclusively serve the North American medical device market with Orevac 18300M, a bonding layer based on functional engineering polyethylene (PE). A tie layer polymer is specifically designed to bond two or more incompatible materials that are used in an extruded or injection molded medical component.

Foster currently offers advanced materials and compounds for use in specialized medical and life science applications.

“The Orevac brand has been a quality brand in the industrial market for years,” said Larry Johnson, Foster’s vice president of business development. “Now Orevac 18300M will be available to medical OEMs as a material tool to solve difficult extrusion and injection molding adhesions and connection problems more effectively than before.”

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