New holding unites retailers of plastic packaging

A group of packaging dealers with common owners is reuniting under a new name.

The regional companies of the private investment company Kelso & Co. – Inmark, CL Smith Co., Silver Spur Corp. and Container Supply Inc. – will be merged under the Novvia Group holding company.

“We remain determined to support Novvia’s growth both organically and through additional acquisitions to further expand the company’s national presence and product offering in a variety of end markets,” Kelso said in a statement.

The name of the Novvia Group is derived from two Latin words, “novus” means new and “via” means way, according to the company.

The four companies have a total of more than two dozen sales offices across the country and one manufacturing facility, Lyons Blow Molding in Berkely, Missouri, according to their websites.

“Our family of great companies, already united by our shared values, industry-leading talent and passion for superior customer service, is now further united by a dynamic holding company name and brand identity,” said Sarah Macdonald, CEO of Novvia Group in a statement . She also serves as President of CL Smith. “Although the Novvia Group offers an appropriate level of corporate identity, our individual company names will be retained and actually used to take advantage of the local and personalized service that has led to deep and lasting customer loyalty over many decades.”

New York-based Kelso acquired the four companies that make up Novvia in less than a year, starting with Inmark’s first purchase in December. Deals for Silver Spur and CL Smith followed in May and Container Supply in June.

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