Niigata restructures its North American sales of molding machines

Niigata Machine Techno USA, a global supplier of high performance all-electric injection molding machines, has changed the way its systems are marketed and sold in North America. Effective immediately, the company will handle sales, service and support, parts and repairs directly from its North American headquarters in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.

Steve Cunningham, recently named general manager of the injection molding division of Niigata Machine Techno USA, will lead this new operation. “We’re very excited to have Steve join our team,” he says Tatsuo Sato, director of Niigata’s global injection molding division. “Steve’s knowledge of the plastics industry and the relationships he has built with mold makers and distributors will be vital if we are to expand our 37-year presence in the North American injection molding market.”

The move represents a major operational change for Niigata, which previously outsourced the sale and service of injection molding machines to an external trading partner in the United States. “By delivering these services in-house, we can better leverage opportunities to expand our footprint in North America,” notes Sato.

Steve Cunningham, general manager of Niigata Machine’s US injection molding division.

Cunningham brings more than 33 years of experience to his new role at Niigata, including sales management positions at Toshiba Machine, Nissei, Maruka, and others. As GM, he will focus on strengthening Niigata’s sales network and raising awareness of the high-performance MD series of all-electric injection molding machines in the 55-900 ton range, the company said.

MD-series machines, designed and built in Japan, are designed to provide molders with durability and high performance. “We have customers who run Niigata machines that they bought over 30 years ago,” says Cunningham.


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