P + R keyboard, customer-specific plastic caps with silicone keyboard glued with pressure, laser etching, coating

P + R Keypad Combine the advantages of plastic keycaps with the elastomer and sealing properties of silicone rubber keyboards using adhesive. The interface supports many types of colors, textures and graphic patterns that can improve the aesthetic appeal of products. They are usually applications for cell phones, POS terminal computers, music devices, etc.
We can make P + R keyboard according to your design and production process as follows:
① Plastic keycaps injection molding and silicone keyboards compression molding
②Silk printing, spray coating, laser etching, backlight, carbon pills are available.
③Trimming die for plastic keycaps and silicone keyboard deburring
④Assembly keycaps and keyboards from Glued.
⑤Baking process for combination.


  • Good aesthetic effects
  • good touch, anti-dust
  • inexpensive to large quantities
  • Long life keyboard

If you have a similar request that we can help you with, please feel free to contact us.

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