P&G to reduce fresh plastics in the packaging design phase

The main focus of RecyClass is on promoting the circularity of plastic packaging. P&G is the first FMCG company to join the initiative, an independent platform sourced from Plastic Recyclers Europe (PRE). P&G has received 12 product and technology approvals for its brands Oral B, Tide, Ariel and more, all of which have redesigned their packaging to make them recyclable and meet RecyClass requirements. This cross-industry collaboration is essential to increase scalability and achieve P & G’s circularity goals.

P&G received a record high of 12 product and technology approvals for its packaging for hair care, home care and fabric care brands confirming that it meets RecyClass’ guidelines for design-for-recycling criteria.

The brands P & G Shave Care, Gillette and Venus are implementing plans to eliminate 545 tons of plastic over a year by switching to recyclable cardboard packaging.

Household hair care brands Head and Shoulders, Pantene, Herbal Essences and Aussie have launched a new, reusable 100% aluminum bottle in addition to the recyclable refill bag made from 60% less plastic, which allows consumers to maximize the product life cycle.

Virginie Helias, P&G Chief Sustainability Officer, said, “A lot has changed over the past year, but our commitment to enabling and inspiring positive impacts through our supply chain, brands and partnerships has remained the same. We’re innovating to accelerate the development of the circular economy: from introducing Holy Grail’s intelligent sorting concept, to reducing the use of virgin petroleum plastic and increasing the content of recycled material, to developing alternative replenishment models on a scale. This is a combination of innovation and collective action. “

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