Philadelphia begins banning plastic bags on July 1st

The city of Philadelphia has announced that it will ban single-use plastic bags from Thursday, July 1st.

According to the city, residents use nearly a billion plastic bags each year and account for over 10,000 hours of lost staff time. Leaders also said that plastic bags pollute our roads, waterways and trade corridors, and at the same time pose a danger to workers at recycling plants because they get caught in equipment.

“The ban on plastic bags will make our city cleaner, reduce waste and save money,” said a joint statement.

The ban on single-use plastic bags was originally passed by the Philadelphia City Council in December 2019, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ban bans all single-use plastic bags, regardless of their thickness; Bags made of polylactic acid by a blown film extrusion process; and any paper bag that does not contain at least 40% recycled content.

Reusable bags; Paper bags that contain at least 40% post-consumer recycling, do not contain any used fibers and / or clearly bear the word “recyclable” or “recycled content” are permitted.

“Even after recovering from a global pandemic, the climate crisis and plastic pollution remain two very serious threats to our planet and society,” Mayor Jim Kenney said in a statement. “Philadelphia is committed to moving forward with our environmental goals, and while the one-way plastic bag ban will come into effect later than originally expected, we believe this timeline will help improve compliance.

While the law enforcement goes into effect on July 1, there will be a nine-month awareness, education and warning period designed to give companies time to prepare for and comply with the law.

Starting August 1, retailers will be required to put up multi-language signage at all points of sale informing customers that from October 1, there will be no more disposable plastic bags and non-recycled paper bags being made available. Months later, law enforcement agencies will start issuing warnings that the prohibited Offer bags.

“By building an extended awareness and warning period, the city will be better able to provide broad awareness of the law to our diverse business owners, residents and consumers,” said Kenney.

Effective April 1, 2022, companies that fail to comply will be subject to a fine and a $ 75 or more fine.

You can find more information about the ban here.

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