Philadelphia Plastic Bag Ban: What You Need To Know

This educational stage means that the ban will not be fully implemented and enforced until April 2022, according to the schedule the city set this week.

Starting next month, Philly will be asking companies to put up signs notifying customers of the bag ban – which they can download from the city’s website – and starting August 1, those signs will be required. The actual ban on plastic bags doesn’t begin until October 1st.

Between October and April 2022, the ban will have no real consequences. During this time, the city will only warn companies that do not adhere to the regulations. However, after April 1, companies that continue to use plastic bags could be fined by the city – the minimum fine is $ 75, and if a company repeatedly breaks the new law, the city can take them to court and ask for additional penalties.

The plastic bag ban has been a controversial political issue in Pennsylvania in recent years. After the GOP-controlled legislature repeatedly rejected efforts to get a nationwide ban, it has been adding language to state budgets for the past two years to temporarily prevent municipalities from creating and enforcing their own pocket bans.

Legislators justified its recent bans on the ban by first saying the issue should be investigated and then arguing that it was inappropriate to enforce during a pandemic. The latest legislative intervention was aimed at preventing the ban from coming into force until at least July 1st.

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