Plastic extrusion machine holds ribbon cutting ceremony

Plastics Extrusion Machinery (PEM) LLC, a manufacturer of downstream extrusion equipment for PVC pipe and custom profiles, will host a ribbon cut and grand opening on October 7th to celebrate the completion of its new McPherson, KS manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters. The opening ceremony will take place in the new building at 2475 Northview Road. Immediately after cutting the ribbon, PEM will open the facility for inspections. Guests can tour the administration area and sign up for a tour of the production area.

PEM owner and CEO Nathan Spearman will speak with representatives from Hutton Construction, the general contractor on the project, and local executives.

This new building consolidates the operations of PEM’s former McPherson facility and its Tumwater, WA facility, which closed earlier this year. “When our Washington lease expired, it just made sense to move our operations to Kansas,” said Spearman. “The new space adds 87,000 square feet to our manufacturing and administrative capacity, which easily accommodates Tumwater and McPherson operations and leaves room for future growth.” The site also has additional land for future expansion.

Since Spearman bought PEM in 2017, the company has grown significantly, purchasing rival Advance Equipment Co. in 2018 and adding a second facility in Tumwater to its manufacturing presence. In addition, Spearman acquired the business technology of the Costa Rican company BellTech in 2018.

The new space was designed with employee comfort in mind, including a large break room and additional meeting rooms. “I’m really looking forward to this next phase of PEM as we have more space to expand our workforce and increase our production speeds. There are exciting things on the horizon for PEM, ”said Spearman.

PEM specializes in pipe expanding machines, pipe and profile drawing machines, utility and traversing saws, hydrostatic testing machines, tube bundle machines and other downstream extrusion systems.

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