Plastic Injection Moulder Invents Innovative U.S. Made, FDA Registered COVID-19 Test Swab

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Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 360,000,000 COVID-19 tests have been carried out in the US alone, according to the COVID Tracking Project. Given this unprecedented demand – not just across the country but around the world – it quickly became important for US healthcare providers to find new American providers of COVID-19 tests to reduce lead times for production and sales, test quality and improve the accuracy of the results.

The medical professionals at Fox Chase Cancer Center, a research hospital in Pennsylvania, realized that their suppliers were unable to meet their testing requirements and quickly found themselves in such a position.

“[As] The supply of swabs was falling … We had all these meetings about where to get swabs, ”said Dr. Eric M. Horwitz (MD, FABS, FASTRO), Chair of Radiation Oncology at Fox Chase.

But Dr. Horwitz had an idea. His former patient, Joel Glickman, was chairman of the Rodon Group, a local third generation plastic injection molding company. Dr. Horwitz explained the situation to Glickman, who quickly brought Rodon’s team together to design and manufacture a new swab for nasal and oral collection to exact medical specifications.

The innovative design of Rodon’s liquid trap tip enabled improved sample collection and release, making the testing process more convenient for patients and more effective for clinicians.

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“We did a short study to test people who have already been wiped. These patients were wiped twice, first with the one Fox Chase used and then with the new test swab, ”said Dr. Horwitz. “It turned out that the one [The Rodon Group] Design worked even better than what we had. “

Rodon’s swabs, which have already been registered by the FDA, are expected to receive ISO 13485 certification later this quarter. The company expects an annual production of 40 to 50 million swabs.

“We were proud to be able to support Fox Chase employees in their essential work,” said Michael Araten, CEO of Rodon Group. “We believe that it is more important than ever that healthcare devices can be safely manufactured in the US. We look forward to continuing to be part of the ongoing effort to make high quality American-made medical devices both in this pandemic and beyond. “

The Rodon Group, an ISO 9001: 2015 certified, high volume custom plastic injection moulder, manufactures billions of parts every year at their 50,000-square-foot facility in Pennsylvania. Click here to learn more about Rodon’s nasal test swabs in the latest case study or to secure specimen collection swabs for your testing needs.

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