| Plastic News | Aim plans to reduce the use of new plastics by 20%

Target Corp. plans to reduce the amount of new plastic in packaging for its own-brand products by 20 percent by 2025, an environmental shareholder group announced on June 22nd.

Boston-based Green Century Capital Management said the retailer agreed to the plastic cuts after stakeholders filed and then withdrew a shareholder resolution. Target made the announcement as part of a broader sustainability strategy that was released on June 22nd.

“We are excited about the scope and ambitions of Target’s new plastic elimination goal and hope this is just the beginning of the company’s journey to reducing its plastic packaging footprint,” said Annalisa Tarizzo, Green Century Shareholder Representative . “Nothing we use for a few minutes should pollute our rivers and oceans for hundreds of years – especially when we don’t really need it.”

According to Green Century, Target’s engagements include food and beverage, household cleaning, personal care, and beauty products.

Tarizzo said the commitment could include both recycled resin and a reduction in the use of virgin resin.

“Target can use both recycled plastic and overall savings to help achieve its new goal, but they haven’t given us an exact breakdown of the methods they want to use,” she said. “We have a strong preference for an absolute reduction in plastic consumption and have discussed our hope with the company that they will set an absolute reduction target shortly.”

Target’s announcement comes after several other major brands and retailers announced cuts in virgin plastic in response to similar shareholder resolutions by Green Century and Berkeley, California-based As You Sow.

Keurig Dr. Pepper agreed to a 20 percent reduction in virgin plastic use by 2025 in April, and others, including Walmart Inc., said they would make announcements later this year.

On June 24th, the shareholders will vote on a plastic decision of the green investment groups at the annual meeting of the grocery chain Kroger Co.

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