Plastic Omnium develops type IV hydrogen storage containers for the high-end Hopium sedan

Laurent Favre, CEO of Plastic Omnium, and Olivier Lombard, Chairman and CEO of Hopium, sign the agreement. Image credit: Plastik Omnium

Plastic Omnium (Île-de-France, France) is working with Hopium (Paris), a French manufacturer of high-end hydrogen cars, to develop the hydrogen storage system for the future Hopium Māchina. This high-end vehicle, first announced in October 2020, is slated to be the first French hydrogen sedan to hit the market in 2026. The Māchina prototype is to be presented to the press in June 2021 700 bar Type IV container – consisting of a thermoplastic liner reinforced with a filament-wound carbon fiber shell – from Plastic Omnium in its Herentals, Belgium plant, which has been in Operation is.

“With Hopium, we are convinced of the great role hydrogen plays in the sustainable mobility of tomorrow,” says Laurent Favre, CEO of Plastic Omnium. “Plastic Omnium is proud to contribute its know-how in hydrogen technologies and to participate in the development of the Hopium Māchina storage system, an innovative project for low-carbon mobility.”

Building on this first collaboration, Hopium and Plastic Omnium have entered into a partnership to develop the Hopium Māchina hydrogen storage system for the production series. Based on nearly 40 patents and a number of internally developed, certified hydrogen storage containers, Plastic Omnium Hopium will provide a prototype of a Type IV high pressure hydrogen container for testing. This new generation is optimally integrated into the vehicle chassis so that Hopium can maximize the amount of hydrogen stored and achieve its ambitious target range of 1,000 kilometers.

Olivier Lombard, Hopium Chairman and CEO, added: “As the first manufacturer of 100% hydrogen cars, Hopium is at the forefront of green technologies. This partnership with Plastic Omnium shows our desire to work with a key player in hydrogen mobility to develop the Māchina, a new generation of zero-emission vehicles. “

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