Plastic production plant destroyed by dramatic fire

A plastics factory in Jackson, MS, collapsed Wednesday during a massive fire at the facility, local news outlets reported.

The crews were called to the Harrison Manufacturing facility on Mayes Street at around 3:30 p.m. Bystanders said the flames ignited outside the factory and then moved into the Jackson Asst building. Fire chief Patrick Armon told WJTV, a subsidiary of CBS News.

According to reports by the news broadcaster WLBT, a firefighter suffered minor burns during the operation. Armon said in the NBC station report that some workers were at the plant when the fire broke out but were unharmed.

The building was declared a total loss. The Jackson Fire Department is investigating the cause of the incident.

Harrison Manufacturing supplies injection molded plastic parts and welded, painted metal stampings to the automotive and consumer goods industries, as stated on its website. The 25,000 plant in Jackson was the company’s main location.

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