Plastic waste “endlessly and everywhere,” report activists

Young volunteers take part in the beach cleanup on the Queen’s Birthday

(CNS): A group of volunteers who participated in a weekend beach cleanup in North Side on Monday said that most of the trash they collected was plastic and microplastic that was “endless and everywhere”. Plastic Free Cayman organized the latest effort to keep Cayman’s beaches clean, partnering with Protect Our Future and the Miss World Cayman attendees. The volunteers reported that the plastic was embedded in rocks, sargassum, sand, and at the base of all of the plants that line the coastline along some of Grand Cayman’s last remaining pristine beaches.

Plastic Free Cayman, the local activists campaigning for the government to ban single-use plastic, said they selected the beach area west of the Queen’s Monument on Old Robin Road for cleanup this weekend to cope with the festivities 95th birthday of Queen Elizabeth.

Although these beaches have the least amount of public transport, they are particularly vulnerable to the debris washed up from elsewhere. More than 20 volunteers removed over 375 pounds of trash, most of which were plastic spoons and forks, toothbrushes, fishing line and ropes, pieces of styrofoam (styrofoam) and bits of plastic bags.

Thomas Dickens of Protect Our Future said volunteers usually see local rubbish on the west side of the island, but during this cleanup, “a very large percentage of the plastic was clearly foreign in origin. It just shows how much this is a global problem. “

Nicholas Corin, also from POF, said, “It was a very successful cleanup, but it was really annoying to see how badly the north side of our island has been hit. There is a lot of litter washed up compared to other beaches, but it is also clear that our own litter laws are not being enforced, which is disappointing. “

Plastic Free Cayman is still hoping the government will take a look at the position of the European Union, which has taken a tough stance on several single-use plastic items like plastic cutlery, straws and plates, plastic bags, cotton swabs and styrofoam cups. “These are also some of the most common items that wash up on our shores,” volunteers said in a press release about the cleanup, as they again urged the government to enforce the long-awaited ban.

Rashana Hydes (Miss World Cayman) said, “It was disheartening to see how many plastics of all shapes and sizes pollute our beautiful coastlines.” To develop the elimination of single-use plastics. ”

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