PLASTICS publishes new safety standard for robotics and injection molding

The Machinery Safety Standards Committee of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) published a new American National Standards Institute (ANSI) accredited safety standard on March 21, 2021: Safety Requirements for Robotic / Injection Molding Machine Systems (ANSI B151.27-2021).

In a press release, Tony Radoszewski, CEO of PLASTICS, highlighted the importance of the association’s ongoing relationship with ANSI and the paramount importance of safety for the industry. “Protecting machine operators and maintaining the integrity of the machines they depend on for a living is an integral part of PLASTICS ‘mission,” said Radoszewski.

The security requirements are the result of two years of collaboration between 46 voting members of the PLASTICS Machinery Safety Standards Committee, which represents a broad cross-section of the industry.

Jennifer Jones, head of industry standards for PLASTICS, said the standard was a timely response to the increasing integration of molding machines and robots. “ANSI B151.27-2021 is designed to guide the user through the complexities of bringing together plastic and robotic technologies and the safety standards for those machine systems,” said Jones.

Duane Royce, Vice President Robots and Automation at Wittman Battenfeld and Chairman of the working group that created the standard, highlighted the importance of the standard and praised the committee members who worked together to create the standard. “Without the involvement of these volunteers, the important work of creating and refining standards cannot be done,” said Royce.

Robots in production at the Wittmann Battenfeld facility in Torrington, Connecticut. The new ANSI standard addresses safety issues when integrating robotic and injection molding machines.

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