Presentation of the Plastics Technology Expo

On this page, in March, I told you about our plans to combine our annual Amerimold trade fair and our molding and extrusion conferences under one roof at the same time this autumn. These plans are picking up speed; Our various programs have been buttoned up – we’ve even added a conference track on Post-Consumer Reclaim – and you will shortly be receiving registration brochures detailing all of our events and how to register.

Meanwhile, mark September 21-23 on your calendar and plan to travel to the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois for this three-in-one event.

Take the next step

Now, allow me a moment to let you know about our next step. From March 29th to 31st, 2022, we will host the Plastics Technology Expo (PTXPO) at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. The PTXPO will be a new trade fair for the North American plastics processing market. It won’t be a regional show. It’s not meant to be a global show. It will be an event in the Midwest where processors of all kinds can interact and network with suppliers of primary machinery, auxiliary equipment, molds / tools and materials / additives.

And by network and interaction, I mean seeing. Do you remember seeing things at a trade fair? Do you remember making an appointment to visit an exhibition with an exhibitor, coming in and shaking hands with your contact person, making small talk, then taking a tour of the stand and swallowing the noises and smells of machines in action?

I know i do. And I know you do too. Because you told us. Our parent company Gardner Business Media did some research as part of the due diligence process to create this business plan, and a couple of things jumped out of the way when our research team got the results:

1. Approximately 86% of subscribers to Plastics Technology or Moldmaking Technology magazine agree with either that “Having a major plastics exhibition and conference in the US with the latest equipment and technology demonstrations, materials advances, innovations, and industry” best practices is an essential one Resource for my professional development and my networking within the industry. “

2. More than 62% of respondents said they would go to a trade fair once a year or more, and less than 7% thought they would only go to a trade fair every three years.

3. The Chicagoland area was the preferred city to hold an event at that time.

The latter is not in the least surprising. The Midwest has been the center of the plastics processing industry for decades. The Chicagoland region is accessible by car from thousands of plastics processing companies. The area is also an underserved region since the NPE moved its post-show biennial event to Orlando in 2012.

Our plan is to hold this event every spring after 2022, except for NPE years when it gets dark. With regard to the exhibition area, our goal is to divide the exhibition area according to processes and product categories so that visitors can use their time at the event as efficiently as possible without having to walk around a lot. Pavilions for primary machines of all kinds, auxiliary devices and materials / additives as well as a mold making pavilion in the form of our parallel Amerimold Expo are planned.

We are planning to hold educational presentations directly on the exhibition space, but we do not want the Plastics Technology Expo to become a hybrid exhibition and technology conference. This means that we will also hold our specialist conferences on molding and extrusion in autumn.

Keep an eye out for more information on this event. We hope to see you in Chicago this year … and beyond.

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